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FOX Business
Oct 29, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >> yes, this is definitely manhattan in the dark at this point. >> i would like to go to john with psg. are you there? >> okay, we just lost him. it looks like brian quinn is returning to nyu. once again, the power is out there. the backup generator has failed and they have had to move hundreds and hundreds of patients and a very impressive -- again, a fleet of ambulances transferred these patients and brian quinn told us in an orderly fashion that these hospitals actually have pretty elaborate evacuation plans. and they were able to -- it looks like they're still making the switch from nyu langone to mount sinai. >> net, i am noticing. is it raining in manhattan, now? >> it is light rain, but it is raining. still being blown around by the wind. gusting up to 60 miles per hour. we will see some of these rain bands cover up and make circulation for quite some time. nothing like the heaviest rain that went through south jersey and towards the southern pennsylvania. they had about three to 5 inches of rain. rainfall totals earlier, this is just light rain. but it will continue. as i have
FOX Business
Oct 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
of the above. john can get a $500,000 policy -from a highly rated insurer - for under $25 a month. his secret? selectquote. selectquote is impartial. they'll search the pick of insurers like these to give you a choice of your best prices. selectquote has great savings on term life for women, too. john's wife carrie, can get a $500,000 policy for under $16 a month. selectquote has helped make term life insurance affordable for hundreds of thousands of people since 1985. how about you? just call this number or visit selectquote dot com. neil: another day, another massive round of layoffs. announced the cutting to 2,000 workers, part of the slew of companies announcing layoffs staring down the fiscal cliff you might have heard about. the next guest preparing to lay off workers, freeze salaries, renegotiate health care benefits. the whole nine yards. president and ceo, michael kelly with me now. what do you fear the most? like, i ask a lot of your colleagues this about what makes the guy like you retrench? what? >> well, we retrenched -- as a matter of fact we've been through the reduction divorc
FOX Business
Nov 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
.9%. not everybody is lying that. but those are the expectations. the potential fallout from john layfield. steve, what do you think? >> i've never been one who thought these numbers were politically mutilated last month but we are raising our eyebrows when we saw that. the huge blip in the number of jobs. neil: the way it was calculated certainly left you wondering about the math involved. >> exactly. i follow those numbers from that household survey all the time. i think there will be a correction in the october numbers we get tomorrow and therefore i would not be surprised if i don't see it pick up in the unemployment rate, maybe back to the eight number. that would be bad news, but praying he gets a seven tomorrow, not an eight. neil: when you look at this, john, does it matter? are we at a point where people have a thick view of the economy and the jobs report days ahead of the election, will it change it one way or another? >> i don't think it matters, then spend over a billion dollars bashing each other, people are prett have pretty mup their minds. the lowest labor force participation rat
FOX Business
Nov 3, 2012 3:00am EDT
and governor john cusick and bobby jindal there. you have virginia governor bob mcdonnell. he will be joining us shortly. i mean, that is the who's who of the republican party in an all-out push to fit mitt romney over the top. to show you how tight the ohio races. they are either dead tired or separated by no more than two points. well within the margin of error. they have no idea how it will turn out. but we do know that for mitt romney, the math gets tough and less he wins in ohio. i'm talking about the electoral map and that is where he will have to do it. they are bringing out a full team to make that happen. my next guest says the president helps union workers. delphi went bankrupt. former delphi worker tom rhodes. would have been? >> thank you for having me. myself and 20 other retirees are just one of the untold casualties of the auto bailout. after the gym bankruptcy process was complete, the uaw retirees had their full health care and pensions, where as yself and others lost all of ourhealth care and our life insuranceand had pension reductions up to 70%. neil: so it is actually a j
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)